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10 Topics for exams


My position about weddings

So, speaking about weddings, I would like to mention first that I

don’t understand people, who are getting married at the age of 17-20, it’s

hideous. Cause they don’t realize that they’ll break their lives by

divesting themselves of the greatest years. Cause at that age they all are

still children and children can only play representing a family but it’s

wrong to transform such a game into a reality, cause they are to young to

do it. The same I can tell about weddings the reasons of which is

pregnancy, such wedlocks exist for a short time as usual.

As for me I decided that it would be better to get married when I’ll

be 25-27 years old. And only misunderstanding, cruel and unfair control can

change my decision, so I can make up my mind and displace that age limit a

little below.

I think that nowadays marriage is only the way to bring up lawful

children. And it would be better and admissible for me to live in civil

marriage with a beloved person. And only when we’ll be sure in each other,

in our joint future and our financial stability it would be possible to

speak about our marriage and children.

I’m an atheist, so I want to have a humanist wedding and after it a

ceremony in a register office. As any other girls I want my wedding to be

as unusual as possible, I want us to recite our own vows, and to invite a

crowd of friends and relatives.

Getting older you look for real, true love. You simply fall in love

and want to make the other person happy too. And so you marry and take on

the responsibilities of married life. In this new life you learn to take

care of your partner, and you expect to have a family and bring up your

children in the way you know to be right.

As parents, you wish to provide them with everything you know a

child needs, namely love, protection, safety and understanding. By rearing

children and being a good partner you yourself feel needed and loved. The

self-realization in marriage and parenthood is the key to happiness,

although it is still associated with effort, sacrifice and hard work.

If the decision to get married does not result from an unpleasant

domestic situation you have a great chance to succeed in marriage.

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