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English Topics

Language and Music.

Language and music. Both of these terms play a great role in peoples’

life. Let’s give definitions of these terms:

Language is human speech, either spoken or written. It comes from the

Latin word “lingua”, meaning tongue, and a language still is often called a


Music is sound arranged into pleasing or interesting patterns. It forms

an important part of many cultural and social activities.

What are the common between these two different words? Well, at first,

music as the language has their own symbols. In language it is phonemes (in

oral speech) or morphemes (in written speech) and in music it is tone

(sound) or note.

In a majority, any language have an alphabet. Western musicians name

the tones of a scale with the first eight letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and

H (Russian musicians usually name them as Do (Ut), Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La and


If the language is a way of communication between people, music is a

language of music instruments. As language has its own styles (for example,

publicistic style (artistic), informational style, declamatory style

(oratorial), etcetera), music has such music styles as classical, folklore,


Music is sounded due to musical instruments and the peoples who play on


The same phoneme may be writing down by the various combinations of

letters. For example, [f] – “f”, “ph”, “ff” .

In music the same sound may have various names; E = F flat, G = F

double sharp = A double flat.

Aside from all this, language and music give people opportunities to

express their feeling, emotions and ideas.

But there are some difference between these terms. The language of

music is one for everybody and people create music when they are impressed

by happiness, grief, melancholy, love, etc. When people do researches,

invent, philosophize, etc. they create new designations, symbols, words.

Thus due to music we can express our emotions and feelings more

brilliant and colorful. Due to language we can express our thoughts, views,

ideas more exactly.

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