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My favorite writer


My favorite writer

Anton Kondrashow form 8 B

Minsk 2003

I'm fond of reading. Usually I borrow books from the library, but I have

a lot of them at home, too. I like to read books about the history of our

country, about famous people and the life of my contemporaries abroad.

Literature means much in my life. It helps to form the character and the

world outlook, to understand life better. My favoririte English writer is

Daniel Defo : he was the founder of the realistic novel. He was also a

brilliant journa-list and in many ways the father of modern English

periodicals. He founded and paved the way for many magazines ( "The Revue",

"The Spectator"). DD was born in London, his father a butcher, was wealthy

enough to give his sone a good education. D was to become a prist, but it

was his cheariched desire to become wealthy. His wished was never

fullfield. D was banckrote several times. He was always in deep debt. The

inly branch of business in which he proved succesful was journalism and

literature. When D was about 23 he started writting pamphlets on question

of the hour. He started writting pamphlets prassing King William 3, who was

supported by the whig party. D wrote a setire in woth. No matter in whose

defends his brilliant pamphlets were written they are irony was so subtle,

that the enemy didn't understand it at first. But as soon as his enemy

realised the real character of the pamphlets D was sentensed to 7 years

inprisonment. It was a cruel punishment, and when the came for him to be

set free people carried him on their shoulders.. This was the climax of his

political career and the end of it. In 1719, he tried his hand at another

kind of literature - fiction, and wrote the novel he is now best known:

"Robison Crusoe". After the book was published, D became famous and rich

and was able to pay his creditors in full. Other novels which D were also

very much talked about during his lifetime, but we do not hear much about

them now. For example "Captain Singleton"(1720), "Moll Flanders"(1722). My

famous book is Robinson Crusoe : It was about Scotish sailor, who lived

quite alone 4 years and 4 month on a desert island. Defoe's hero, however

spend 26 years on a desert island. The novel was a prase tohuman labour and

the triumph the men over the nature. Labour and fortitude help Robinson to

endure hardships. They save him from dispair. The very process of hardwork

gives his satisfaction. R's most characteristic tract is his optimism. His

guiding prencipal in life was: "never said die" and "in trouble to be

troubles is to have your trouble double." In his book Defo deseccribes

adventures of people take risks. His books tought us to be clever and

brave. There are many famous people in our republik. First of all I'd like

to mention the name of our outstanding national writers Yanka Kupala and

Yakub Kolas. They created a new Belarusian Literature and a Belarusian

literatury language. Both are considered to be the classics of Belorusian

literature. These names are followed by a number of other well-known

writers and poets, such as K.Krapiva, Brovka, Tank, Byikov, Korotkevich,

Gilevich, Adamovich known both in our country and abroad. Their names are

sure to become history whatever it may be.

I like to read books very much !!!

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